15 mai 2022

KAPSULO: create your bottle cap images and add them on a printable template

Hi there! It's Marion! So I've been sharing free bottle cap images in this blog for already 10 years. (Like... what? already? This is the first one from dec 2012 😆). It was fun to do and I received a lot of positive feedback.

At the time I saw that a lot of people wanted to create their own images but didn't know how to use photoshop or gimp. I even did a tutorial on how to create your images.

Over the years, I gradually stopped adding more images to the blog, and almost forgot about it. But I always had the idea to create an app for people to create their own images. Since I'm not a programmer it sounded like something impossible to do.

Finally I started learning about coding two years ago (guess I suddenly had some time in 2020... 😅) First I created some small video games available here. And in January 2022 I started to work on this app and it's finally out!! 😍

I think that it's easy to use, and it's free so try it out!

Available on the Play Store

21 janv. 2022

Frozen 2 free bottle cap images

 1" bottle cap images / 4x6 paper / 300dpi

- You can print and use them for your art project, Stickers, Hair Bow Centers, Magnets, etc.
- Click right on the image and select "open the image on a new tab" for full size. Then save on your computer and print
- For your convenience the bottle cap images are on a 4x6" page.

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