12 févr. 2012

Custom bottle cap images / digital sheets for free

New facebook page: www.facebook.com/DigitalBottleCapImages

Can't find this particular bottle cap or dominoes or digital sheets you are looking for?

Like us on Facebook and I will create for you 6 customs bottle cap images for free (Yes, Free !)

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2. send me a message on facebook or at foliedujour.blog[at]gmail.com.
      - If you have an image you want to use, please send it to me with your email.
      - If you don't have a particular image, just let me know what kind of bottle cap images you want. (please don't ask me something too difficult to find on internet ! ^^)
3. I will create your 6 bottle cap images (or dominoes, or etc).

Valentine bottle cap images / digital collage sheet

Valentine bottle cap images / digital collage sheet

9 févr. 2012

Vintage cute elephant bottle cap images

Vintage cute baby elephants bottle cap sheets / bottle cap images
Just click to enlarge and save.

1 févr. 2012

Valentine's bottle cap images

Hi there ! I'm back with more bottle cap images.
Valentine's bottle cap images for today. I'll be back for more very soon. ;)