17 nov. 2014

Tutorial : How to change a digital template ?

Hi everyone !

I receive a lot of messages of people who ask if I can make changes to my templates. Most of the time they only need one or two images on the 4x6" paper and ask me to make a special template with only "the second image to the left, last row" or "last image of the first row", etc.
This tutorial will explain you how to do that by yourself, using Paint. Basically, if you have a template with many images that you don't need (bottle cap images, or other) you will learn how to put only the images you want. 

My computer is in French so the images will be in French, but I'll explain everything.

Let's start !

1. Open your image with paint

If you are using windows, then you already have paint (good news!)

Select your image and click right. Then click on "Open with" (ouvrir avec on the image). You will have a drop-down
menu; Click on "paint"

The image opens on paint:

 2. Replace the images

Let's say that we only want the image with Simba, the small Lion.
Click on "select" (the green square)

This will allow you to select the image we want to duplicate.

Put the arrow of your mouse at the top left of your image.
Click left
Slowly drag from top left to bottom right of the image. This will create a square.
Important: while you are doing that, you need to click left on the same time 

When you are done, you can stop clicking.
You will have something like that on your image:
Be careful: you need to select all your image.

Now click right, and select "copy" (copier in the image)

Now put your mouse on top of one image you don't want
Click Right and select "Paste" (coller on the image)

Now do the same thing for all the images !
If you want to save another image, you can select and copy/paste it on the template

 Now, you only need to save your work.
 Click on the blue square on the top left
Select "Save as" (enregistrer sous), then "JPEG format"

You're done !

3. If you need to zoom on your image

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