18 avr. 2012

Custom Cards for free

Hi Guys!

I've been creating custom cards for my friends and family since a while. My goal is always to create a card for someone that reflects who he is. I usually use pictures of their hobbies, favorite movie, loved ones, childhood, etc and I put that all together to create a unique custom card. (see example below).
I so much enjoy doing that! My friends are always surprised and happy by this unusual gift !

Now I'm considering creating and selling this kind of cards on Etsy. But I'm not sure if they are professional or beautiful enough....

I'd like to give it a try with you !

So I will create customs cards for free for anyone who want, just send me an email (foliedujour.blog[at]gmail.com). This will help me improving and I will know if you are happy with my cards.
In this email please let me know what pictures you want in the card. It can be:

- Hobbies
- Favorite movie
- Favorite band/singer
- Favorite basketball/baseball/etc team
- Pictures of loved ones
- Pictures of his/her childhood
- Favorite book/character when he/her was a kid
- Etc

I will send you a jpg file. You'll just have to print it on a thick paper !

Don't hesitate to contact me.
The more cards I will create, the more I will improve. And you will have a nice card for free ! :)

See below for examples ! :)

Bonne journée


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